Masjid Al-Fatimah

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Al-Fatimah Sunday School

The most complete gift of Allah is a life based on knowledge, Imam Ali A.S

Al-Fatimah Sunday School

Student Registration

Sunday school is open from March to Oct every sunday from 10am 3pm. From age 4 to age 18 any child can be registered.

Pre-School teaches

  • Islamic studies
  • Reading Quran
  • How to perform wudu and prayer.
  • understanding basic islamic rules
  • Understanding basic islamic values.

Age Limit: For ages 4-9   Pre-requisite: None   Hours: On

School is open from September to May from 10am to 1:30 pm

Sunday School

Islamic Sunday School

Sunday school information

Discover the enriching world of Islamic education at our Sunday School! Our program offers engaging classes for children, teaching them about the fundamental beliefs, practices, and values of Islam in a nurturing environment. With experienced teachers and interactive lessons, we aim to inspire a love for learning and a deep connection to their faith. Join us as we embark on a journey of knowledge, faith, and community.

Registration is closed till August

School Registration